Recovering from diaper rash

Baby Nikki experienced a series of diaper rash two weeks back and we don’t really the actual cause of it. This time around I am persistent on not to send her to the paed as I didn’t want to apply steroid kind of cream which will repeat the same story as the elder sister.

It did not improve but in fact worsen with application of sudo cream (which works wonder on Noelle)! Many googling and I found the best way is to let her go on cloth diaper as much as possible. Also, I went to find a more suitable cream – which did an amazing job so far – buds nappy soothing cream!

Besides putting on cloth diaper, I also make sure the area is only cleaned with plain water and further wiped with a dry handkerchief. At first the buds nappy soothing cream was applied at each change of diaper (cloth diaper is changed approximately 2 hours once) but soon when the skin improved, I only apply it when I put her on disposable diaper (at night bedtime and out of home).

It is seriously great to find it to taper off. And we are currently thinking of putting her on cloth diaper whenever we are at home! 

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