‘Space’ visit at National Planetarium 

I found this place newly renovated from the Malaysia Education fb page (actually some renovation still on going)! So, we decided to bring the kids especially Noelle to explore. When we gave her the idea, she actually rejected as she wanted to go playground. But we told her that we are exploring new places and thus went with the plan.
Upon arrival, we bought the ‘movie’ ticket (it is free entrance for exhibition – for Malaysian) – we paid a total of RM16 for two adults and a kid. Noelle started to get excited when she saw other kids there and even more excited as we entered the exhibition (i tried giving her the idea by relating it to Peppa’s episode on space rocket)!
We were still good when we entered the theatre- until the light shut off! 😂 Nikki’s first experience in theatre/cinema kind of feel! She started crying and so I nursed her. She cried more and then I stood up to calm her. On the other hand, Noelle started to feel scared as well!😂 She hugged papa tightly and even went on top his lap! But at some points, she was fascinated as she went ‘wow’! Fortunately it took only 30 minutes.

For a 3y8m, she isn’t interested with the geographical information in the exhibition but more interested in touching and feeling what’s there! She definitely enjoyed most in the Kidspace aka a mini playground (till she didn’t want to leave!)

It is quite an experience; nice place for a short educational tour with small kids. However, Noelle says that ‘I don’t want to go to space anymore’!😂

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