Playdoh 60th birthday fiesta at The Curve

We didn’t get any invitation this year, or maybe I overlook it! But we found the event on The Curve’s facebook page. To participate in 2 of its 4 activities, one has to spend at least RM36 – and so we did as Noelle is very keen with playdoh! We were also looking for additional playdoh and tools! We were there for close to an hour – having also to take photo with Doh Doh!

My take on the event – they hired part time and probably student to handle the activities – One of them was particularly not able to handle the activities – as in he didn’t even know how to function the playdoh set! 

At the same time, many parents think that the activities were free to play – without even checking, they just told their kids to sit and play! Not just that, they just left their kids there to ‘snatch ‘ playdoh and its tools that were all around the table. And the person handling the activities wasn’t that focus on the job – took him quite a while to tell the parents about the event!

Being a parent, I would certainly check with the staff or even the boards before allowing my kids to play. Also, when we were allowed to participate, we certainly will look for an empty spot and take tools/playdoh that were left untouched! If my kid(s) want something that other kid(s) was having, I would ask her to wait for her turn. In return, I would asked my kid(s) to exchange what she has with what the other kid is having. Maybe some will think that I am mean to their kids, but I wouldn’t buy the idea that just because your kid wants something that my kid(s) was playing with; I need my kid(s) to give in until she was done! 

Hope this is a reminder to parents and also to myself! 

One thought on “Playdoh 60th birthday fiesta at The Curve

  1. We brought both our kids to The Curve & only realized that there is a big event organized by Playdoh. My 3 years old son was so excited so we just went to the event. However, we did not know that if the kids wanted to play the Playdoh there the customers need to spend RM36 only allowed their kids to sit down & play. When we looking around, my son already sit on the stool provided by the event & waiting for the staff to provide him the Playdoh but when he waiting happily there, the staff asked me where is your receipt & if no receipt then cannot play. I quickly apologize & took my son out of that playing area. What I can saw from my son’s face was he felt so disappointed & he could not understand that why other kids could play but he could not. On that time I knew that MY SON IS BEING HURT. My first reaction was to quickly spend RM36 so that he WAS ALLOWED to play but after I thought back WHY I NEED TO SPEND MONEY TO THE COMPANY WHO HURT MY SON since we are customers & fans of Playdoh but how could the company treat their customers in that way. So please if you want your customers to support you please think a better marketing way to attract your customers & not hurt your customers. Or if your company not afford to let the kids play the Playdoh in such big event then better do not have the playing areas which our kids still small & could not understand SPEND FIRST ONLY YOU CAN PLAY. If a marketing plan comes out is to hurt customers or fans & earn more profit then sorry this is the worst marketing strategy in the world. Those marketing people please try to think back the situation IF HE IS YOUR KIDS.

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