My first blocked duct experience

After 3y8m6d of breastfeeding, today I experienced my first blocked milk duct! 
It began in the morning when I found a minor lump on my breast. Actually I wouldn’t know there was a lump until I felt my breast! 
Though not the first time having lump, this time it stubbornly wouldn’t go away despite my second baby direct latched almost the whole day (with stops in between). I also did cold and hot compresses as suggested by Mr Google. As time passes, it started to hurt whenever I touched the lump part (intentionally and unintentionally).
I believed that this could be a common problem and thus decided to search on TBAN – finally found a solution in the comments (within comments) of an enquiry post on ‘blocked milk duct’! So I decided to share this for the benefit of other mummies in the future – so that the search could be easier.
In my case, it was a blocked milk duct because there was a white dot on my nipple (I only realized about the white dot after reading the comment that came with a picture and thus decided to check my nipple). And the mummy suggested to poke the white dot with a sterile needle! And, I did. Thereafter I marmet hand expression! Since my baby has helped me empty my breast, I could see milk coming out from the particular (blocked) duct! In minutes, the lump sort of went off/soften! Yes, the immediate relief after almost 8 hours!
Disclaimer: This is only based on my own experience today. If in doubt, please contact professional for assistance! 😝
Note: I am a stay at home mum; thus I only fully direct latch. I sort of figured out why I experienced my first blocked duct – I am having slight flu and not sleeping well. Then, I (taking natural remedy) drank honey lemon (lemonade has been my milk booster) and I took a glass of water sip with Indian borage as a prevention of cough (I found this could be a milk booster too from Google; but contradicting view says breastfeeding mummies shouldn’t be taking borage – so make your own research before thinking of taking Indian borage)! 

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