My role as DHM facebook group administrator 

I have been a silent admin for DHM for sometime. But wish to express – my presence in DHM is only to share my cookings (because not all fb friends in my list will appreciate my cookings 🙄), inspire others to cook at home (hopefully), get ideas on what to cook and also to assist Vanessa Lau as an admin to approve/ignore applicants as DHM members plus jaga pintu click delete/block for certain posts (this was what I promised to do one-two years ago).
So, it is as simple as that. I even spoke to Vanessa before this (like weeks ago) if she finds me a redundant admin, she has my permission to remove me as admin! 
I seriously don’t care people talk front, back or side about me because I am just a ‘silai’.🙄🙄 No one gets anything at the end – maybe some gossip topic. Even if it means the person feels better or more inferior, I will let it be (as long as don’t let me know la 😂) as it makes someone positive. 
Sometimes, I believe, people give positive comments in front of me but will speak the reverse behind my back – to me, it is OK as it shows ‘agree to disagree’ and you did it without intentionally hurting me (because I didn’t get to know about it)!😊 in fact, I have a friend who once told me that at certain times she doesn’t agree with what I do but she continues to ‘like’ (meaning support) because no one knows what is definitely right at the end of the day! 
So, in short – I will continue to share (though my dishes seem deteriorating), inspire, get ideas and assist Vanessa (as long as she wants me to).
Happy sharing at Daily Homecook Meal facebook group! 
Would certainly be at peace if ‘people’ stop messaging me to buy ‘vote’! 🙄 Yes you have my right to copy this and show whoever you want!

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