Don’t write too soon?

This piece was shared by a friend.


请看看5岁小朋友手掌的骨头只有5块,还是软骨,试问家长您还忍心让自己的孩子写一大堆字吗?他们很痛,您不懂,他们为此不爱学习,您知道吗?学业成就也不是写字能决定的!让孩子写一大堆字,也是虐待儿童的一种行为!为了孩子,大家记得把它分享出去。谢谢 感恩~

Generally, it is saying – Kids’ bones are still soft cartilage at age 5, that’s why it’s not recommended for kids to start writing so early, as most academic kindergartens do
Therefore, it is better to do other fine motor skills activities! 
Thanks Ningxi Peace for explaining to me!

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