The end of the chapter with cyber warriors

‘It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it!’ – Aristotle
We were ‘friends’ because we MUTUALLY* clicked ‘add’! And I felt it is a disrespect if I just ‘remove’ you! So, I slowly remove myself from your newsfeed and graciously allow you to remove me! Though some drama came along – which is expected, I didn’t really bother because I know the more they are entertain – the happier they are. It is so unproductive to even comment because they are too bored in life and want to pick up fights! Plus I don’t go all the way just to find allies. And it just reveals their true personalities! 

*it was mutual because I did not force a gun on you to accept

Thanks for the friendship and laughter (for about a year); but sorry that I couldn’t take the ‘personal’ criticism (which is so unprofessional) just because of a different opinion! When I said ‘move on‘, I really did move on!

Glad this chapter has ended with the two keyboard warriors officially removed themselves from my friend list! 

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