Trying out yoga class @ 3y7m29d

It is our objective to find our girl’s interest in something . For her age now and her character, I see that she isn’t ready for ‘classroom’ writing/reading but she would certainly enjoy something more physical/play! And also she gets to enjoy the ‘social’ bit of life!

I sort of bumped into this offer for free yoga trial in one of the mummies facebook page! We happily joined the first class – as it was held at an appropriate time and a venue near to our home!

Noelle was ‘outstanding’ – pretty independent and followed instructions most of the sessions. In fact, she was the ‘funny’ one making funny moves and laughter! 🙄 She was the ‘kaypohchee’ asking the other girl to sit down when the yoga teacher asked everyone to sit! 😂 Her focus swayed towards the end of the class (not only her actually, most of the other kids too). <video>

At the end of the class, we asked if she likes it and she responded by saying ‘I don’t like it!’ Knowing my daughter, I guess she needed something more exciting and adventurous!

Well, I certainly would like to thank the lady for the free yoga trial session. Maybe it was a trial and parents were present, I could actually see many more places of improvement- if really want to catch the kids focus and excitement! However, again kudos for putting music and linking it to kids rhymes for the session!

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