Perfectly imperfect

Finishing off cutting out our plant puzzles
This is also a cutting coordination practice for her! 

I am also taking off my OCD mode – since puzzles don’t have to be perfect! In return, it also taught her that things don’t have to be perfect – as some didn’t cut in the way expected (because she wasn’t focusing when cutting) – plus it could be mend by cellophane tape (But I reminded her that not all things can be mend)!

She was telling me that her cutting went wrong <here>

So, mama fixed it for her!

From the above message, it also taught her to be ‘focus’ when doing things – I reminded her to look at the lines and not to be swayed off by distraction (obviously it was Nikki that distracted her😂)! So, the last two were pretty well done compared to the first two!

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