‘Like ice’ skating at da:men

It has been some time Noelle wanted to do ice skating (because of Peppa pig – ‘who’ else)! And we actually bumped into this ‘like ice’ skating at One City during the bbw sales! Luckily hubby received an email notification that they are currently having it in Da:Men (Subang) until 30 September. So there we head to our plan!

We were the first and joined by three other kids! They have to be accompanied by an adult (if the kids too young) – so hubby went in too! It is RM22 per person inclusive of socks and gloves (plus rental of ice skate)!

I would say this is quite a good experience for Noelle! It is good that she tried this before we venture into bringing her to a real ice rink in the future! She had a lot of fun and kept falling down (many by purpose because she thinks it is ‘funny’ to fall down)! She was also brave enough to go by herself and even wanted to play with the other kids (who didn’t bother her – this actually tells me that she is sociable though homeschooled for now !) Both daughter and father were in the rink for an hour. Also she didn’t make a fuss when it was time to go home (though we asked few times before she agreed)! The other parents actually admired her bravery and praised her before we left – which actually boost her confidence. She also gave high five and waved goodbye to the uncle who praised her! 😊

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