Learning self reflection

We cannot expect a 3y7m to behave like us – but it is important to teach her self-reflection!
Not one of the best mornings we have today – started with Noelle waking early and intentionally woke Nikki. With that,I could no longer tolerate her usual morning delays/nonsense.
Yes, I lost cool – insisted her to settle herself before coming for breakfast, never mind her didn’t want to eat ‘nicely’ (just sent the fruit yogurts back to fridge), never mind her didn’t want to get straight to bathroom when asked – just left Noelle as she was, settled both Nikki and myself. 
I kept the laptop and cool down myself by cleaning up the living room. Both Nikki and Noelle (in pyjamas still) played by themselves too. I was being ignorant to every single question posted by Noelle. She knew she needed to bath and haven’t taken her breakfast but it was pointless ‘knowing’ if no action taken.
Well, once I was done cleaning and time to put Nikki for morning nap, that was IT – I locked both myself and Nikki in the room, leaving Noelle out in the living room (note: I have made sure balcony grills are locked!) – of course, she was screaming and banging the doors (couldn’t be bothered what the neighbours would think); I just focus on putting Nikki to nap.
Once Nikki napped, I came out through the other room and went to the kitchen for coffee. She saw me and with her pitiful crying face, asked for water (I nearly burst into laughter when I saw her face). And that’s how the tantrum session ended – with a glass of ice water (which is usually the case) – then the so called self reflection moment!
Everything comes to an end – she had her morning shower and then fruit yogurt! But the laptop will be kept for the day! And we played through lunch without the media (though I have not done much chores of the day)!

Anyway, we made it through nap time!

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