Boiled Chinese parsley for eczema skin

My little 17chipmunks (the nick long given to her) has recurrent eczema – in the stubborn area – her left feet! This solution is given by my friend whose son succeeded healed from bad eczema. This is our first time trying; hopefully it helps!

First, cut away the roots and wash the Chinese parsley. 

Then boil them over stove with water for 30 minutes.

After boiling, let them cool before adding some salt.

My friend bath her son with the water. But for my girl, I just let her soak her feet – which is the only affected area!

2 thoughts on “Boiled Chinese parsley for eczema skin

  1. Hi
    does it help? My little one suffer from eczema on her face and body… if I were to bathe her… I gotta mixed the Chinese parsley with water or just purely boiled parsley water?

    Thanks much!

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