Think before act

Twice in the lrt; twice it happens
I was baby wearing Nikki who was sleeping. And being asleep, she doesn’t like me to sit down. So, I was standing in the lrt. Of course, people offered me seats which I told them to sit back down as I couldn’t sit. However, the seat was left empty (until I was away).
Why this happens? Because we live in a century where people would love to photograph something and make it viral! In one phrase, ‘public shaming’.
It all happens because we judge without understanding the situation (from each party related)! There are reasons which we do not know! 
Self reminder – Think before trying to make something viral to ‘shame’ others! Hold judgement to ourselves! Well, if it is just a rant, make it in a closed status/group (but remembering that there’s something call print screen). Our opinions do reflect our personalities.

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