Motherhood dare – train ride!

Today we went for a train ride (without papa); something I promised Noelle!
– we went to the nearest stop with mall (not exactly near as it is quite a distance to walk; a big u-turn- so near yet so far 😂)

– we did a quick grocery shopping (bought very little 😝)

– we bought bread and water for quick lunch (sounds so chammmm)

– before heading back to the station, Noelle started whining that she was tired and wanted to be carried 😨 – I insisted that she walk or be left alone there as I was baby wearing Nikki

– we stopped at another station before changing track to head home
So, yes we did it! Looking forward to many more….only if Noelle agrees to walk again! 😂

Thank you to this escort lady – who gave me courage and accompany for the first time! She was there just to be there – while keeping an eye on us! 😝

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