I am t.i.r.ed

It seems so ‘great’ that we are going out over the weekends- and some people are wondering why we never pop out at their doorsteps or have meals with them! The usual question ‘can’t you all make time for us?’

Saying ‘yes’ seems so easy but how would it be if you are in my shoes?

Yes we do go out and have our family life – because four of us ARE family; plus most of the going outs are groceries shopping, running errands, taking the elder girl to explore and for myself- a breather from everyday life.

Yes we passed few rounds of eating meals outside but do you know that – how fast we eat or how we contain the situation? And you expect us to wait on certain occasions?

Yes, one hour of our weekends may mean so little to you all – but one hour can eat up half or maybe whole day! 

How much time to get ready? Time to go there? Time there? And time back? 

PLUS – while you think is ‘fun’ to play with the kids- at the end, who is handling the kids during visitation and who is enjoying!

Also, if we make time, is ‘your’ total self present while we are there? Wait a minute, do we have to account for your schedule too?

Not forgetting, what are the conversations? Are you comparing/judging the kids again? Are you going to tell us gossips of who and who – which does not matter?

Please remember how much one hour means to a stay at home mum like me who doesn’t even get a peace 30 minute in a week! Yes kids do go to sleep and nap – and that time is either me sleeping or running 101 things so that I can spend time with them while awake! Not forgetting  – as kids/babies grow, they nap/sleep less! 

And if you think I have so much time to type this out now – wait, I am on the bed with two kids napping while one of them is nursing to sleep – I have no choice but to lie together even though my mind is alert!

One hourrrrr onlyyyyyy! I can’t even shop myself in 10 minutes! I can’t even take an accumulative one hour bath in a week! Don’t even talk about toilet breaks! 

I count myself lucky if I could eat one meal peacefully in a day – wherelse YOU can eat every meal peacefully, sleep peacefully, jolly with your friends and then cryyyyyyy that there’s no bonding between YOU and MY kids (not forgetting – the respect that YOU need to give to my kids)! 
I don’t earn income but I am not paid too.  But who cares right? The ‘pity’ only goes to the breadwinner- who can has much ‘luxury’ as YOU when away for work! At least he has a personal lunchtime! He goes to the loo unattended. Plus he can freely do his stuff – even leaving us behind for ‘errands’ like servicing car, managing properties and etc! How I wish I am the one running the errands, sometimes. (Well, I do encourage him to attend social gatherings BUT – choose those that can give personal grooming than listening to nonsense!)

So how much time do I need to give YOU if I don’t even have time for myself? Yes people are getting old and will ‘die’ soon/ one day BUT who cares if I drop dead on bed at the very next moment! 

** I know I am sarcastic today! 

Why is self feeding important even at young age? 

When we allowed her to self feed herself and make a mess, there were/are some proponents saying that ‘feed her as you are not going to feed her forever!’ 
Well, while the statement is true, I certainly have no regret for my decision – in times of hunger (mama) and no hand to juggle (lol! Hand for the phone to record – I know ‘you’ will say that!), self feeding is so vital for survival – both mama and kid! 😁

Video of 3y6m23d self feeding <here>

Daily snacks for no.1

I have not been baking due to time constraint and my mission to be ‘hands free’ so that I could spend more time with the kids! But this does not mean no.1 has not been snacking properly. Besides the home made ice cream, she has been having a lot of fruits. I basically prepared everything and she will self service to take them whenever she wants – most improbably when I am busy with no.2! She will usually ‘ask’ for permission before she takes any one of them! 

Rolled oats

I made rolled oats for the 6m22d today! Just with plain water. I bought the organic one since – I always tell my hubby  ‘she doesn’t make us spend more in life – she is breastfed’! 😂 so, why not give her a ‘better’ start – though I would agree with the fact that ‘organic’ doesn’t mean the best!

So I bought this and tried it myself before starting it on the baby!

Soaked overnight and then cooked over the stove. Let cold before serve.

I guided her with the spoon – as in helping her hold the spoon with the cooked oats!

Video <here>

Stew turmeric pork

Recipe to keep – pretty easy one!

Marinate sliced pork with sesame oil, corn flour, light soy sauce, dark caramel sauce and pepper overnight

Stir fry garlic, onion and fresh turmeric in oil until fragrant. Then add in marinated pork. Stir and pour water to cover. Let it stew until pork is done. Stir occasionally especially if the marinated pork has too much cornflour (add water if needed).

Banana as first food

I bought this organic Pisang mas from aeon supermarket. Not that I am particular of food being organic, but these banana was good to ripe by today (and next two days) when I bought them two days ago. 

So far, I think no.2 is less adventurous when comes to food. She usually shivers when she gets the first taste of the food! Video of her trying banana today <here>

Restoran Thai Nyonya, Ara Damansara

It has been some time since I blogged about food out of home! This is highly recommended as it tastes very well (Authentic Thai food) plus priced reasonably. The portions were generous too! Not many people at the hour on Sunday, so it was sort of kids friendly! It has a little garden which children can walkabout but fortunately both were quite alright today! 

Size of the beef noodle soup which was bigger than an adult’s face!

The green curry set with rice and salad

At the budget of below RM30 for 2 adults (we brought home cooked for the elder girl)!