Bak kut teh with herbs

Well, Bak kut Teh recipe is available everywhere but I made mine with the available herbs in the fridge. Taste ok but it would be definitely better if I had pork bones to go in the soup.

Ingredients used to brew the soup – garlic, star anise, buna shimeji mushrooms, tong gwai, yuk chuk, red dates, honey dates, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce

I added two layers of pork after 15 minutes brewing of ingredients above. Then top on with blanched tofu pok and shiitake mushrooms about 15 minutes later. Brew them for about 20 minutes more. Sliced the layer porks after cooling down.

For lunch, I added fu chok, chicken meatballs and iceberg lettuce served with spinach noodles.

For the rice recipe – adding onion oil into the grains that you will be cooking in the rice cooker (just cook like normal rice). You can add a pinch of salt if you like. 

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