LRT ride

Our second day of Hari Raya Aidilfitri
We promised Noelle a train ride since the LRT station down the road is opened. She was pretty excited about it ever since I said ‘ONE DAY we will go on a train ride’ and even more excited when we told her that we are going ‘tomorrow’ last night.
So, the adventure began this morning! 

We walked to the station (it is just a walking distance). Noelle was really excited – which was reflected on her face when we stepped into the station. ‘We are going on Thomas!’ (the train) and when we need to change route, ‘We are going on Percy!’
We went to and from the new route Putra Heights – Kelana Jaya; stopped at SS15 Subang Jaya for lunch. We even bought fruits.

It was a really good experience for everyone. We adults too learn about the different areas within our community. I was particularly excited about it too – as it gives me more opportunity to explore with the two kids when the time comes! (Village Grocer is opening at SS15 courtyard!!! But hubby reminded me how am I buying things when both of them around – and reminded me how much I usually buy at supermarkets! Plus the walking distance to stations! Oppppssss!)

Though not Noelle’s first train ride, I guess this would be one of the most memorable ones! 
When the journey ended and as we were walking back home (we actually went 3 hours including lunch), we could see her sad expression and she was whining ‘I want to go on train’! Guess she will bug me on this again! 
Well, we don’t really have to travel far to experience things in life – but to take opportunity of facilities around us – our town/city/state/country!

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