Move on

What does ‘move on’ mean? It is not just about going through life just like normal; but also not harping on the issue! So, have you moved on?

Not the greatest day I have since yesterday but I am trying to move on – accepting that I would not be able to please all parties. I am not a human of perfection that can read ‘what you want’ or ‘how you want’ things to turn out to be! I was trying to put things in my most ‘calm’ way but was told off being a story teller of my own life. It did not end there when things were said purposefully on personal accounts to insult me – which I just ignored! 

It is fine! 

By putting all these down, I hereby declare that I have moved on and will not harp on the issue anymore. I have to accept the fact that sometimes I do build ‘enemies’ who were once friend!

It is a lie if I say I ain’t sad. Even my girl knew I am sad, she stared at my ‘sad’ eyes when I was playing passing ball with her! She also behaved well today! I think that’s more important- my girl(s) understands me! 

I think I am into the cyber world tooooo much! It really time to be ‘hands free mama’!

For keep sake 

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