Didn’t no. 1 start with BLW?

I didn’t start Noelle with baby led weaning (BLW) at the beginning because the word ‘weaning’ scared me off – weaning from what????πŸ™„πŸ™„ breastmilk? 😱😱 like now??
Lol! But she showed much interest in feeding herself especially after 7 mo and so it was how she was ‘blw’ but only at home – not with the nanny (those days)! I don’t even know that was called ‘blw’
Anyway, she is doing good in self feeding now (after the phases of playing with food) though not started from the first day of solid! Here’s a recent video of her feeding herself <video>
Soooo? “You are not going to feed your baby for the rest of their life even though they are not blw on the very first day!”
Having said that, Nikki will be blw all the way, if possible! 😝😝😝

Second food: Steamed butternut squash 

When she ‘did not’ know that it can be put into her mouth, I did ‘guide’ her and when her wrist wasn’t bending to put in her mouth, I did try getting it near to her mouth.

And she moved forward and showed her interest.

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