Catch up play date with Ethan

Once friend, forever friend! 🙂
A great catch up – postponed since CNY this year because of our schedules! 
But I am seriously delighted to see both Noelle and Ethan come to play again! Words and expression can’t express this – but deep down, I am very happy! Hopefully they too are happy!
Unlike those days when they went on separate ways during play dates, they are really playing together with one another – from dining table to the playdoh table! Screaming, laughing and even shaking their heads together! 😂 And yah, there was rough play too! 😛 But overall, I see them both as being very compatible playmate! They are both sooooo drama! 
Ethan was such a loving boy – he wanted to hug Nikki upon seeing her! On the other hand, Noelle was so protective of her sister and didn’t allow Ethan to do so! Funny!
Thanks Nicole and Ethan for dropping by! Thanks for the companionship! I am admiring the many soft approaches and quick thinking that mama Nicole showed during the session! And very thoughtful of her to ask me to finish up my daily tasks while she handled both kids when Nikki finally fell asleep. 
Hope to see you both again!

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