Facing obstacles as SAHM

Noelle woke me up at 630am. I thought she wanted a huge but to tell me that she ‘wet’ the bed! Anyhow, I am thankful that she approaches me first when she got in ‘trouble’ (meaning I am still her most trusted person despite her hugging papa to sleep – I knew she didn’t call papa at the first place, if she did I would have heard it too since I’m a light sleeper)! So things went ‘kelam kabut’ from that point since the noise woke Nikki too (fortunately I managed to put her back to sleep until we completed breakfast). 
Things don’t always fall as planned/routine – imagine the frustration! First thing is mind would definitely be ‘I will have a bad day today!’ As I had put this for my friend last year and from then on she kept reminded me ‘it is just a bad MOMENT; not a bad day!’ 
So after going through the kelam kabut moments and putting Nikki to her morning nap, I found Noelle fixing her peppa playground. I gave her a few guide when she requested me to play with her (I was about to shake head if she really wanted me to play). Fortunately she managed it herself and thereafter my ‘consolation’ for a ‘bad’ morning – Noelle played herself while Nikki taking her morning nap – which enables me to cook both lunch and dinner plus clean up part of the kitchen! Phewwww…

Stay at home mums too need positive mindset and attitude to face daily obstacles!

I left her to eat her own lunch before Nikki woke for milk

She told me from living room that she was done when I was nursing Nikki! I came out to see this! Indeed done! 😂

Stir fry broccoli with prawns

She requested broccoli again and fortunately I have one broccoli in the fridge (just needed a tiny bit of the whole broccoli). I added some mini prawns that I gladly bought and separated in mini containers in the freezer – amount as per her consumption. The prawns are as small as dried shrimp! 😂 I also put in one grape (diced) to sweeten the dish.

The amount cooked is handful!

Lunch: Pasta with cheese, zucchini and sweet corn omelette

Local and non organic goods, we consume mainly

One dish for my girl’s lunch: Tofu and egg in slow cooked shiitake mushroom chicken soup

We have quite limited budget, living on one income – so most of my groceries are local and non organic. Only sometimes when we can find good bargains, we do buy imported and organic goods! Well, what is most important to me is making simple home cooked from ‘fresh’ goods rather than having processed goods/food especially for my kid(s)!

Happy Father’s Day 2016

Happy Father’s Day!❤️❤️❤️
Seriously, my hubby deserves a Happy Father’s Day this year (not because I was bestowed a new kitchen cabinet😝) but the existence of Nikki did play a big role.
From the day we knew we are going to have Nikki, some changes took place – beginning from learning how to ‘cook’ for Noelle to upgrading his knowledge so that we can get a better living!
In the year (meaning last Father’s Day till today) he cared for Noelle for 3D2N when I was away from home to deliver Nikki. And from the day onwards, I could watch how the relationship between papa and Noelle developed.
What else can I say about Nikki and him – besides having the same cap muka? 🙄😝 Well, taking 12 days off when Nikki arrived was a great start to the father-daughter relationship 

Together we build a ‘better’ home

Our ‘old’ kitchen cabinet

When we moved into our unit back then in March 2010, it was an empty unit. It considered ‘well kept’ (or rather we took it as it was). Due to lack of funds (we don’t have PAMA funds), we slowly build our furniture and electrical appliances (well, until space limitations 😂)!
After all these years (we are into our 6th year and no intention to move ‘yet’), we finally did our first renovation at home – at this particular corner where I spent most of my me time, if not with the kids! Yes, the kitchen! The decision was also partly due to the collapsing surface! 
It took about a month (or more) planning and another two weeks for actual work done! And today it is finally completed! 😊😊 I would say the small renovation was also a learning curve for us especially hubby (choosing sink, cabinet, colour combination, etc) and also an opportunity for me to declutter.

Nothing real fancy here but I am satisfied with my working corner!
Thank you hubby 😘😘and Happy Father’s Day! 😝😝😝
*colour combination by hubby

Pressure cooker taucu sauce vegetables and chicken 

Getting the hook of using Phillips pressure cooker to cook! Most importantly no cooking required!

Using bake vegetables mode, bake celery, carrot, onion, garlic and baby corn.

Then add in chicken, one tbsp (Angel brand) taucu sauce, one tbsp dark soy sauce and one tbsp molasses sugar plus some water. I used  congee mode as I was cooking it in the morning and leaving till evening. I did release pressure and off the switch before keeping warm in the evening. Chicken turns out well, not over cooked! 

‘Saving money’ for a 3.5yo

Today we spoke about ‘saving money’! 
After the Infinite Wonders that we attended, she has been pestering about the Princess playdoh which she played! 🙄 Then I told her – it takes time to save money to get something and papa has to go to work in order to earn money! And this same goes to saving money to go on holiday (that she has been bugging us about ever since we returned from Phuket)!
I told her that besides papa earning money (going work); she CAN play a part! For example, turning off lights and water pipe to save electricity and water; which translate to money saved! And when money is saved (PLUS she shows exemplified behaviors), she will be rewarded! This was followed with her turning off the air conditioning main power supply that was left on after she woke up!
I am not totally sure if this is correct way to educate a 3 year old on saving; but well, this is the simplest way for me now!
And my ‘lecture’ to her is always short – as she has selective listening time span! 😅

Pressure cooker beef stew

Recipe to keep!

I bought frozen beef from Village Grocer, which I defrost in the fridge. I rubbed some curry powder, pepper and seasalt onto it and left in the fridge overnight. Only cutting into cubes the next morning.

Next, I prepared diced carrot, onion and enoki mushroom. Put all of them into Phillips pressure cooker (ppc) and on ‘bake vege’ mode.

After done, put in the marinated and diced beef plus some garlic, soy sauce, fish sauce, brown sugar, cinnamon stick, star anise and some water. Press ‘stew’ mode. Release steam and then add in cornflour water to thicken sauce! Leave it to warm for a while and then done!