DHM for babies

I was recently made an admin for DHM for babies fb page, a sub of DHM fb page. The fb page is dedicated to parents sharing their home cooked speciafically for babies! Anyone could join but before posting, please kindly read the pinned post!

This also coincide ya with baby Nikki turning 6 month old tomorrow and starting her solid soon! 

My first post is still Noelle’s food:

Steam chicken
Suitable for babies that have passed chicken, orange and carrot – probably after 11 mo
Squeeze fresh orange juice on the chicken, let it marinate for an hour or more. Pour away the orange marinate and then top with carrots. Steam for 10-15 minutes!
Well, this is for my big girl though she is over her baby phase! 😂 cooked this today cos hubby and I are having tomyam chicken ! 

Disclaimer to all DHM for babies’ members – please kindly do your research and follow your own cues when feeding your babies. What every member share is based on own knowledge and experience! We are not responsible for your baby – you are! 😊😊😊

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