Facing obstacles as SAHM

Noelle woke me up at 630am. I thought she wanted a huge but to tell me that she ‘wet’ the bed! Anyhow, I am thankful that she approaches me first when she got in ‘trouble’ (meaning I am still her most trusted person despite her hugging papa to sleep – I knew she didn’t call papa at the first place, if she did I would have heard it too since I’m a light sleeper)! So things went ‘kelam kabut’ from that point since the noise woke Nikki too (fortunately I managed to put her back to sleep until we completed breakfast). 
Things don’t always fall as planned/routine – imagine the frustration! First thing is mind would definitely be ‘I will have a bad day today!’ As I had put this for my friend last year and from then on she kept reminded me ‘it is just a bad MOMENT; not a bad day!’ 
So after going through the kelam kabut moments and putting Nikki to her morning nap, I found Noelle fixing her peppa playground. I gave her a few guide when she requested me to play with her (I was about to shake head if she really wanted me to play). Fortunately she managed it herself and thereafter my ‘consolation’ for a ‘bad’ morning – Noelle played herself while Nikki taking her morning nap – which enables me to cook both lunch and dinner plus clean up part of the kitchen! Phewwww…

Stay at home mums too need positive mindset and attitude to face daily obstacles!

I left her to eat her own lunch before Nikki woke for milk

She told me from living room that she was done when I was nursing Nikki! I came out to see this! Indeed done! 😂

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