Together we build a ‘better’ home

Our ‘old’ kitchen cabinet

When we moved into our unit back then in March 2010, it was an empty unit. It considered ‘well kept’ (or rather we took it as it was). Due to lack of funds (we don’t have PAMA funds), we slowly build our furniture and electrical appliances (well, until space limitations πŸ˜‚)!
After all these years (we are into our 6th year and no intention to move ‘yet’), we finally did our first renovation at home – at this particular corner where I spent most of my me time, if not with the kids! Yes, the kitchen! The decision was also partly due to the collapsing surface! 
It took about a month (or more) planning and another two weeks for actual work done! And today it is finally completed! 😊😊 I would say the small renovation was also a learning curve for us especially hubby (choosing sink, cabinet, colour combination, etc) and also an opportunity for me to declutter.

Nothing real fancy here but I am satisfied with my working corner!
Thank you hubby 😘😘and Happy Father’s Day! 😝😝😝
*colour combination by hubby

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