‘Saving money’ for a 3.5yo

Today we spoke about ‘saving money’! 
After the Infinite Wonders that we attended, she has been pestering about the Princess playdoh which she played! 🙄 Then I told her – it takes time to save money to get something and papa has to go to work in order to earn money! And this same goes to saving money to go on holiday (that she has been bugging us about ever since we returned from Phuket)!
I told her that besides papa earning money (going work); she CAN play a part! For example, turning off lights and water pipe to save electricity and water; which translate to money saved! And when money is saved (PLUS she shows exemplified behaviors), she will be rewarded! This was followed with her turning off the air conditioning main power supply that was left on after she woke up!
I am not totally sure if this is correct way to educate a 3 year old on saving; but well, this is the simplest way for me now!
And my ‘lecture’ to her is always short – as she has selective listening time span! 😅

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