Infinite wonders at 1utama


Noelle’s a happy girl today! We didn’t expect to spend almost our whole trip to the mall just for her! But, yes we did! Fortunately, we still managed to get some groceries from the supermarket!

Thanks 1utama for organizing the event which will be ending tomorrow (last day of school holidays)! Noelle had the chance to paint the walls (with frequent reminders that she ‘can’t do that at home’ lol).


She also get to skate – something she wished for since months ago because of Peppa Pig and recently her neighboring friend came over to show Noelle the skating shoes !


She also did paint splashing – where she is required to put on a raincoat and go in a team of four. We were so proud of her going independently to the splashing room! We reminded her to follow instruction. From below, we watched how she was helped with the glasses and raincoat before led to the splashing room. Too bad we weren’t allowed to go right outside of the room to watch her! But it was ticklish how the four kids look at one another and wondering what to do in the splash room before the coordinator told them so. She was very excited when she spotted us from the room and even happier coming back to us after completing the session.


There was also a music room but she wasn’t too interested with. We spent quite sometime watching her play playdoh which came with the princesses theme. We had a ‘hard’ time asking her to go but we did manage by giving her a balloon and then off we went for lunch!

During lunch, she was still bugging us about the playdoh but we managed to eat in ‘peace’. We promised to bring her to Hamsleys.
At the entrance of Hamsleys, there was hot wheels roadshow and we bought her a car (since we forgotten to bring hers) to play with (at least no need to ‘fight’ for the car). Finally we went into Hamsley to play with sand, Lego and Thomas, the train before bumping into EZ boy and Uncle Yap!


Before heading to the supermarket, she had an ice cream. We stopped by at the Popular book fair and we bought her another Disney book!

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