Playdate with Noelle’s bff on 3 June 2016 at home


This time around we did something different! Firstly, mama hid the tricycle which they usually fought for. Secondly, we prohibited them from watching youtube videos. Thirdly, we created activities for them.

Mama Vennzi still brought them swimming and the kids still have free activities – playing any toys while mamas chatted.

The end result was more interaction (also probably because as they grow up, they are more expressive)! And they still fought.

Lol! Today they drew 1-1 (both cried once)! 😛 Guess mamas were so used to them fighting and we were “whatever”! But of course, we kept “lecturing” them the shoulds and shouldn’ts.

Nikki was also a participant -more an observer! Noelle didn’t allow Aunty Vennzi to carry Nikki – in fear of her bringing Nikki away!

Nice having you both – Vennzi and Kiven!

One of the games today! <Video>

Easy feat but it teaches them to take turns and giving one another encouragement!

Before going to bed yesterday:

Mama: Kiven is coming tomorrow yah!
Noelle: PEDRO PONY! 😂😂 *beaming in joy*
Noelle: (point at papa) Papa go work! (point at mama) Mama and Mei Mei stay home!
Mama: Then you leh?
Noelle: Go swimming with Pedro Pony!

😅😅😅😅 and there she went with Aunty Venzzi and Kiven this morning, to the pool!

Celine Tan's photo.

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