‘Best’ pressure cooker Kai choy rice

It comes with few steps:

1. Marinate blanched pork (pork blanched in hot water and drops of distilled vinegar) with five spiced powder, sesame oil, salt, pepper and rice wine overnight. Then air fried under 200 degree celcius for 10-12 minutes. Set aside to cool and then cut into pieces.

2. Air fried onion and dried shrimp (one onion and handful dried shrimp) with some oil (cover the onion and dried shrimp) for 8-10 minutes under 150 degree celcius. Set aside.

3. Kai choy cut and wash. Then blanched under hot boiling water. Set aside.

4. Dice shiitake mushrooms.

5. Soak 360ml (2 cups of 180ml) brown rice.

6. Prepare 200ml water.

7. Put 1-6 into the inner pot and then add in one tbsp oyster sauce and one tbsp dark soy sauce. Mix everything.

8. Using Philips pressure cooker, cook under rice mode. Once done, release pressure and stir. Off switch and keep it warm for a moment before removing (to avoid soggy rice)!

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