Traveling overseas without Inayou cooker


#throwback – written on our first day of our Phuket trip:

Today we travelled many many miles away from home without our faithful inayou cooker; though I did prepared two jars of Vco rice with egg – one hand carried and another checked in!

For the first time, Noelle was given many chances to taste various kinds of food – beginning in the lounge. She tasted a little of the choices given – namely nestle yogurt, carrot cake, cheese cake, cookies, cereals (all range of sweet tooth food)! I’m slightly relief that she did agree that some of them are too sweet and decided to not finishing them. In the air plane, she had two rolls of plain roti jala. I am happier to hear her ask my permission ‘mummy, can I try?’ rather than eating behind my back!

For lunch and dinner, she had what i prepared for her. We did ask if she wanted to taste the bbq pork ribs which she declined. But she happily walloped honey banana pancake! Her fluid intake were mainly water with some coconut water and pure mango juice.

As for tomorrow, it would probably pasta cooked in food jar, rice and egg from restaurants, sushi from convenient stalls or whatever…please be assured that I won’t starve my own daughter!πŸ™„

I know it took me quite some time to ‘let go’ this paranoid feeling! I know! I know! But I am her mum and I would decide on this (so don’t judge or comment unnecessarily)! You can feed whatever you wish to, to your kid(s) and I won’t bother you – so don’t bother me!

I wish to say she doesn’t still yet have her full free will to determine what she wants to eat. I have to admit that I still want to control what I am able to as she isn’t at an age which she can decide which is better for her plus I am still at the stage of teaching her what is healthy and what is not. I’m not raising a foodie but hopefully someone who can decide food that is best for her health – what is more painful to see a sick child! I’m not in the process of turning her into a fussy eater as I read that most of the time people turn into a fussy eater because they were forced to eat selected foods (rather than not given chances to try on those food)!

But this trip does give me a great start!

Anyway, Inayou cooker will be back to our luggage next year, if we ever travel! That will be for Nikki, for sure! 😝 Same standards apply for each kid!


Our first oversea family trip as 4 – Patong beach, Phuket


A trip to remember as we brought our kid 3y4m+ and infant 4m+ faraway from home for the first time (I know it is just a neighboring country; but it is real far for the kids).

Though Noelle has rode on the aeroplane few times since our first trip to Taipei when she was about 17m+, she has shown so much excitement from the day we told her we are going for a holiday soon! Her over excitement has also resulted to her being mischievous at times during the trip.

We thought it would be easier to handle an infant oversea; but it wasn’t exactly true for the 4m+ as things become unfamiliar to her. I believe Nikki wasn’t exactly cranky but confused or fear the unfamiliar faces and environment – baby wearing her was the right decision as she gets the comfort of mama! She didn’t exactly like the plane ride too – couldn’t even be comforted with mama’s boobs; only nursing to sleep 20 minutes before arrival (both ways). We overestimated the ease of handling an infant and I constantly remind myself that Nikki is just 4m+ on her first plane ride (thus cannot be compared to Noelle’s first – easy plane ride). Fortunately it was an hour plus ride only!

With them, we had a 5d4n free and easy trip without any scheduled island tour – since we already did island hopping last year with Noelle. It is meant to be a relaxing trip to get away from the busy days (waking up to people prepared food is already good enough for me)! In fact, we had our routine there (routine is so vital when we have kids) that Noelle knows what will happen next! E.g “we go matttt-sage” after her beach play in the morning (that is also the time when she gets to use iPad)! And our most frequent activity there is SHOWER (because we sweat so much)! We get to taste some local food and packed some back to hotel (especially dinner) – where we could eat at ease!


Bringing a 3-year old and a 4mo+ for a holiday far from home isn’t a challenge! It is an experience! It will be inked as a memory!

Stew chicken with bitter gourd and Angel Brand bean paste


I haven’t bought bean paste for some time! Thank you Bidor Kwong and Vanessa Lau! 😝

I choose to use the minced paste because I couldn’t open the beans one!

Stir fry onion and garlic in oil. Then add in bitter gourd . Stir and then add water and taucu. Let it simmer and then add in chicken. Stew until chicken done!

Note: This is not a paid advertisement, but a gratitude for the free sample products!

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Creamy cheese spaghetti with mini white prawns

Before she knocked off to nap, my girl told me she wanted spaghetti for dinner.

So, creamy cheese spaghetti with mini white prawns

Stir fry garlic in heated butter. Then add in cream cheese and some water. Mix and stir in prawns (with a dash of liquid amino). Add one tsp all purpose flour to thicken sauce. Let it simmer and then add in blanched spaghetti.

Celine Tan's photo.

Cheese corn waffle


My girl requested waffle; so made cheese corn waffle. Packing out!

1 egg white and 1 tbsp molasses sugar – make into meringue
1 egg yolk
120ml milk
1 tbsp Virgin coconut oil
1 tbsp quacker oats mixed cereal
3 tbsp cake flour
1 tbsp corn flour
Quarter tsp baking powder
Pinch of seasalt
2 tbsp shredded bega extra tasty cheese
Handful of fresh corns

Spicy tau fu pok


After seeing Janice Lai ‘s post yesterday, I wanted to make it for my own lunch today but the only thing missing is mushroom powder. At first , I thought of using the free maggi vegetables (from buying sawi). Then I thought of using Angel Brand Thai style sweet chilli sauce instead! So that’s it!

Red chilli
Blanched tau fu pok
Angel brand Thai style sweet chilli sauce

Cook onion and red chilli in oil. Add in tau fu pok and the sauce. Stir and done!

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It takes courage to be a HAPPY mum!


I used to dread certain events in life, for example Chinese New Year and Mother’s Day when it should be happy occasions, as I had to spend some time (even it could be only two hours) with a bunch of people – who I dread to be with. I would think of negative thoughts about them (days/ weeks before the actual day) like what they will do and say – whereby 99% it turns out to be like what I thought of! So, I ended up being sad and even feeling of hatred!

For this Mother’s Day; I made up my mind NOT to spend my time with them without even telling my hubby. I was waiting to reject him when he tells me about the plan. I didn’t even put any expectation on the day (but just told myself it would be alright to just stay with the kids at home alone – at least I will have my two girls with me)!

I was rather surprised there WASN’T anything brought up to me (and I didn’t bother about whether hubby has made any contact to reject their invitation, if any)! I didn’t query him about it too! On the other hand, hubby asked what I would like to do and eat (though I could not deny that initially he might have a motive of wanting to celebrating it)!

At the end, I have one of the greatest Mother’s Day in these four years – though it was just like a normal weekend (that was my decision to spend like a normal weekend since Mother’s Day is sort of commercialized, for me). I should be grateful for each thing done by hubby – as I found out over some posts – many men only think that their mothers are only their mother and neglected the fact that their wives are actually mothering their children.

In fact, I would like to add thatΒ  – after most marriages, daughter in laws, many a times, take over the role of a “mother” from their mother in laws to look after their hubbies (sons of mother in law) – which mean mother in laws should actually appreciate their daughter in laws than expecting the other way round (well, just saying)!

My point: it is important to have a positive mindset,even though I am just a stay at home mum! Though some may think this is selfish, it is more important to take care of my own welfare/ feelings so that I could take care of my home/kids/hubby better in coming days/months/ years without resentment! To a certain extent, I am no longer a people pleaser!

*don’t have to judge me as not being filial or I will get my karma in the future because you don’t know what I have been through.Β Since last year, I have decided to love myself more – and I don’t have to satisfy people’s wants unnecessarily! Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate for my journey as mother so far! Moreover when my girls grow up and be mamas, I will definitely want them to have their me time on this special day!
Anyway I did wish my mum and she was happy enough!

On the lighter note on how we “celebrated” yesterday:

Hubby: You want western food, jap…or what for Mother’s Day lunch?
Me: Bak Kut Teh!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

So we settled for the nearest, less crowded and of course less tasty bak kut teh πŸ™„ – served fast and ate fast! Done in 30 minutes with very obedient Noelle but slight cranky Nikki!

Satisfied though no where near to Klang Bak Kut Teh!😝😝😝

Celine Tan's photo.
Ini macam Father’s Day! But they made me become a mother! 😘😘 love you all!

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1. Sweet and sour chicken (sauce from scratch)
2. Stir fry nai pak with garlic

Celine Tan's photo.
Celine Tan's photo.


Happy Mother’s Day 2016 <3


Everyday is Mother’s Day if I get my 30 minutes me time!!


Since yesterday night, Noelle offered to bath herself; asking us to wait outside!

Two adults became a peeping tom πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚– giggling how she baths – from watering herself, shampooing hair and body, scrubbing, etc! All done correctly! Most importantly, she remembers not to waste water -switching off the water pipe as it reaches the max level!

Such an incredible milestone! 😘 3y4m9d

**But we don’t expect she will do this on a daily basis

Homeschooling doesn’t mean 24/7 activities


Thursday was one of the days Noelle bugged me ‘to do something’ when I am at the busiest moment or haven’t done anything yet when it was already close to lunch time. Eventually, the bugging woke Nikki up (party my fault too)! We got into a huge ‘row’ – mostly me m16 her and when I have to calm Nikki down plus prepare lunch – Noelle actually took out her white board to play with.

I do wonder – can’t she just take out her white board earlier before waking Nikki up? Duh!!!πŸ˜’

Yes, we are homeschooling her but it doesn’t mean that we have activities 24/7; there are many free time she decides what to do by herself – in fact, she can ‘play’ independently!

Good read –

Sushi making class at Sushi King


It’s Noelle’s first class (after ELC playtime) with a group of kids! Thanks to my former class mate, Karen Ang for inviting and we will be looking forward for more invitations, yah!

We also roped in Kiven but decided to separate them because if these two kids get together, we will not have peace in class – Noelle was crazily after Kiven upon his arrival!

It was great that she sat next to a elder girl who could help her out – but at the end, papa went to rescue too as mama was baby wearing Nikki!

Overall, I observed that Noelle wasn’t really into the event crew’s explanation. At one point, she started to get bored and told us she wanted to eat sushi! She only got excited when they started to make sushi! She could take instructions very well and mostly by observing what others were doing (since we weren’t by her side initially)!

A very good experience for this 3y4m8d