Big Bad Wolf Box Sale 2016

We made it this time – and our first time with Box Sale!


The queue was long. In fact, we queued an hour for the boxes itself !

Celine Tan's photo.
How did we manage the two kids then?
I was baby wearing Nikki; and she basically nursed to sleep:
Celine Tan's photo.

Celine Tan's photo.

We gave a pack of Pepero, which we bought on the spot, to Noelle; after seeing the long queue – as we foresee it will run over our lunch time. She then behave quite well – as it was her first taste of the whole pack of Pepero. Soon, she requested ice water and so we bought for her the cold mineral water. We told her that if she behaves well up till the paying queue, we will be rewarding her! And so Noelle behaved in an hour!

We bought the family package that cost RM160:


Upon entering the BBW, we looked for a book that could occupy Noelle (we didn’t take out our “weapon” yet) – and hubby found a musical book that could occupy Noelle (almost the entire time there)! We only took out the “egg” for her to play with in the last 15 minutes when hubby has to grab the final books that could enter the box!

Celine Tan's photo.

By babywearing Nikki, we had no issue with her – just a little difficult for me to grab some books.

With that we spent almost two hours in BBW (excluding queuing time, with queuing time – it will be 3 hours).
Here are our book loads:

Definitely worth the time and price! Each of our family members has their kind of reads in the load!

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