Cultivate the power of observation!


It’s pretty annoying how she loves to run around, lie on the floor, jump like her Peppa and etc around the mall! It is more challenging when we want to get things done!

Yes, we could ‘control’ her to a certain extent if we give her the iPad or phone (note: she can go even wilder with the devices)!

But it defeats the purpose!

She is supposed to explore her surrounding (or else don’t go out, stay at home and stuck the head on the screen. She has been given enough screening time at home. In fact, this is against Waldorf method! Lol)!

With two kids, we are still trying our best to go without devices when we are out and during mealtimes!

**This is our family rule; no right or wrong and you don’t have to be ‘same’!

In a way, it actually cultivate creativity! For example, when we were in the bank yesterday and waited for an hour plus and without any ‘weapon’ (or toy) in hand, she actually used her imagination to play with her papa! She became a drink seller! And she remembers sometime last year I brought her to the coconut stall to pack coconut water! She actually acted out how the coconut was chopped off before handing an imaginative cup to papa, collected the imaginative money and placed into her imaginative pocket! 😂

The power of observation!

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