Peppa at Danny Dog’s house


This is our first visit to EZ boy’s house; a play date that we waited for months – haha, for certain reasons only ‘we’ know!

Noelle was pretty excited about the play date as I told her about Thomas and friends plus the tracks that EZ owns! It got her more excited after I showed her a video where EZ was holding Thomas, the train. And this play date was also something she look forward after an overseas holiday (the reason I gave her for us returning home from Phuket)!

As usual play dates with EZ, they were more to playing themselves when it comes to toys! But they were more involved when it comes to physical activities – such as riding the bike and chasing one another! This also tells us that they don’t actually need toys to play with one another!

There was a slight incident when we adults were in the kitchen chatting – with EZ boy came in crying. Instead of instantly blaming Noelle, I went to her and asked what happened (and instead of running to EZ boy to see what happened)! I am proud that I did not begin with blaming her! I have learn to trust her and giving her the first to speak to me! I speak to her nicely and tried giving her cues on what has happened! Actually by one look, I sort of interpreted what happened (especially with finger prints on EZ’s face)! Lol! She agreed to apologize; and thereafter they played together again.

**We spoke about it when we got home and she told me that she wanted EZ’s toy which he didn’t agree to share. Then I told her, even if he doesn’t share, she does not need to hit or strangle or any physical contact (because until now we do not know what exactly happened) – just let mama knows and see if mama can do anything about it!

*From EZ boy’s point of view, it is his toys; so I would have much understand how he feels about Noelle playing his toys! But EZ has been very gentleman, in the sense, most of the time he just allowed Noelle to have his toys (except for the particular one they fought for – probably his favourite!)

Definitely another play date where I learn to be a better mum – a pat on my own shoulder that I didn’t over react in the situation!

Every child has their own character and personality! How they interact with others tend to differ! We can’t expect same reaction from different kids with a similar situation! And being different doesn’t mean, they can’t play together but learn to compromise with one another!

*It was Noelle who came with the idea of naming EZ boy as Danny Dog! My funny girl! And coincidentally there was a dog statue at their house entrance !

* mama really enjoyed this kind of play date where I can ‘slap my butt’ no need cook, no need clean up mess! tongue emoticon

Thanks again Quinnie for having us – for the play, preparation and food!

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