Traveling overseas without Inayou cooker


#throwback – written on our first day of our Phuket trip:

Today we travelled many many miles away from home without our faithful inayou cooker; though I did prepared two jars of Vco rice with egg – one hand carried and another checked in!

For the first time, Noelle was given many chances to taste various kinds of food – beginning in the lounge. She tasted a little of the choices given – namely nestle yogurt, carrot cake, cheese cake, cookies, cereals (all range of sweet tooth food)! I’m slightly relief that she did agree that some of them are too sweet and decided to not finishing them. In the air plane, she had two rolls of plain roti jala. I am happier to hear her ask my permission ‘mummy, can I try?’ rather than eating behind my back!

For lunch and dinner, she had what i prepared for her. We did ask if she wanted to taste the bbq pork ribs which she declined. But she happily walloped honey banana pancake! Her fluid intake were mainly water with some coconut water and pure mango juice.

As for tomorrow, it would probably pasta cooked in food jar, rice and egg from restaurants, sushi from convenient stalls or whatever…please be assured that I won’t starve my own daughter!🙄

I know it took me quite some time to ‘let go’ this paranoid feeling! I know! I know! But I am her mum and I would decide on this (so don’t judge or comment unnecessarily)! You can feed whatever you wish to, to your kid(s) and I won’t bother you – so don’t bother me!

I wish to say she doesn’t still yet have her full free will to determine what she wants to eat. I have to admit that I still want to control what I am able to as she isn’t at an age which she can decide which is better for her plus I am still at the stage of teaching her what is healthy and what is not. I’m not raising a foodie but hopefully someone who can decide food that is best for her health – what is more painful to see a sick child! I’m not in the process of turning her into a fussy eater as I read that most of the time people turn into a fussy eater because they were forced to eat selected foods (rather than not given chances to try on those food)!

But this trip does give me a great start!

Anyway, Inayou cooker will be back to our luggage next year, if we ever travel! That will be for Nikki, for sure! 😝 Same standards apply for each kid!


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