So what did my 3y4m+ ate during our latest trip?

Cheese and corn pasta using food jar – and yes, for four nights – without any fuss!


We’re holidaying and I ditched my inayou rice cooker this around. Only brought two food jars, some cooking accessories, pasta and light ingredients (my last option to use these ingredients)! 😂

We bought babybel cheddar cheese and fresh sweet corns from the supermarket!

Very easy to prepare actually!

Heat up food jar.
Put in some pasta and pour hot water. Shake shake and leave it for 5-10 minutes, depending how soft you want the pasta to be.
Pour away the water.
Add in the chopped cheese and some corns.
Shake, stir and serve (or leave it longer before serve)!

Sapu habis and she was so happy that she did 😚

Celine Tan's photo.
For lunch: I packed some steamed rice and an omelette (cheese, tomato, onion and mushroom) from breakfast buffet for her into the food jar! (it may sound “unethical” but i am actually taking my own portion and kept it for my girl. And, we did not waste food) She had the same lunch for 4 days too!
For breakfast: She had her usual fruits, cereal and bread from the breakfast buffet!
We did ask if she wants to try our food – some yes and mostly no. And to the yes, once tried, she is satisfied and won’t ask for more. I am relatively surprised that she was bugging for chocolate (as she watches Peppa Pig alot) and I decided to ok to her on our banana chocolate pancake. After trying once, she never asked for it even when we offer her again. Plus, when we bought brown sticky rice, she thought it was chocolate rice – and she won’t want to try it. Well, guess I have to place more confidence with her on  – let her try some “not so healthy” food and let her decide if she wants again (in the mean time, explain to her on the pros and cons)!

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