Our first oversea family trip as 4 – Patong beach, Phuket


A trip to remember as we brought our kid 3y4m+ and infant 4m+ faraway from home for the first time (I know it is just a neighboring country; but it is real far for the kids).

Though Noelle has rode on the aeroplane few times since our first trip to Taipei when she was about 17m+, she has shown so much excitement from the day we told her we are going for a holiday soon! Her over excitement has also resulted to her being mischievous at times during the trip.

We thought it would be easier to handle an infant oversea; but it wasn’t exactly true for the 4m+ as things become unfamiliar to her. I believe Nikki wasn’t exactly cranky but confused or fear the unfamiliar faces and environment – baby wearing her was the right decision as she gets the comfort of mama! She didn’t exactly like the plane ride too – couldn’t even be comforted with mama’s boobs; only nursing to sleep 20 minutes before arrival (both ways). We overestimated the ease of handling an infant and I constantly remind myself that Nikki is just 4m+ on her first plane ride (thus cannot be compared to Noelle’s first – easy plane ride). Fortunately it was an hour plus ride only!

With them, we had a 5d4n free and easy trip without any scheduled island tour – since we already did island hopping last year with Noelle. It is meant to be a relaxing trip to get away from the busy days (waking up to people prepared food is already good enough for me)! In fact, we had our routine there (routine is so vital when we have kids) that Noelle knows what will happen next! E.g “we go matttt-sage” after her beach play in the morning (that is also the time when she gets to use iPad)! And our most frequent activity there is SHOWER (because we sweat so much)! We get to taste some local food and packed some back to hotel (especially dinner) – where we could eat at ease!


Bringing a 3-year old and a 4mo+ for a holiday far from home isn’t a challenge! It is an experience! It will be inked as a memory!

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