Sushi making class at Sushi King


It’s Noelle’s first class (after ELC playtime) with a group of kids! Thanks to my former class mate, Karen Ang for inviting and we will be looking forward for more invitations, yah!

We also roped in Kiven but decided to separate them because if these two kids get together, we will not have peace in class – Noelle was crazily after Kiven upon his arrival!

It was great that she sat next to a elder girl who could help her out – but at the end, papa went to rescue too as mama was baby wearing Nikki!

Overall, I observed that Noelle wasn’t really into the event crew’s explanation. At one point, she started to get bored and told us she wanted to eat sushi! She only got excited when they started to make sushi! She could take instructions very well and mostly by observing what others were doing (since we weren’t by her side initially)!

A very good experience for this 3y4m8d

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