Homeschooling doesn’t mean 24/7 activities


Thursday was one of the days Noelle bugged me ‘to do something’ when I am at the busiest moment or haven’t done anything yet when it was already close to lunch time. Eventually, the bugging woke Nikki up (party my fault too)! We got into a huge ‘row’ – mostly me m16 her and when I have to calm Nikki down plus prepare lunch – Noelle actually took out her white board to play with.

I do wonder – can’t she just take out her white board earlier before waking Nikki up? Duh!!!😒

Yes, we are homeschooling her but it doesn’t mean that we have activities 24/7; there are many free time she decides what to do by herself – in fact, she can ‘play’ independently!

Good read –

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