Parenting is not totally blissful


Parenting is not totally blissful – yes, there are many happy moments but we should be reminded that it is tough too. Therefore, I don’t usually just post positive stuff on social media (as most people usually only have positive things to post). I am not trying to “shame” my children but it is a journey that I would love to record down as we grow together as a family; and when they grow up, I would flip back, read and share with them. I would certainly want them to think about their purpose of having offspring instead of pressuring them to have one or more.


Celine Tan's photo.

Just today, we had a “heated” session – more of mama telling the elder girl off certain things that she has been doing off limits. Wishfully, I hope it gets to her mind that she shall not repeat such actions, mainly requesting for food when she hasn’t finish the ones given to her, not picking up her mess even after several reminders and walking around when she has not completed her meal (she is old enough to understand now what is full and hungry – I have given her the liberty to say “I am full. Thank you mummy for the food!”

A friend just reminded me that as Nikki grows older, I should lecture Noelle behind the doors so that Noelle will feel respected!

Yes, I think we should do so!

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