Our first out of home playdate in 2016


I suggested to Venzzi on this play date to be held in her house. Saturday is the best day for us because it is the day when hubby can drive us there and Kiven doesn’t have classes!

The suggestion was made as I wanted to observe Noelle’s behavior during a play date outside of home since she has been domineering at home with any play date. I was particularly ‘worried’ about her behavior since turning 3 yo/ becoming an elder sister.

Before we dropped by I did brief her about our visit to ‘Pedro Pony’s house’ and we are going to play with his toys. I did remind her that she needs to ask permission before playing with any of the toys. She was kind of excited when I told her about it.

The different setting does show a change in behavior. She is much gentle compared to at home. She knows that those are not her toys and therefore when she has to give way – she did and okay with playing with other toys (though she did cry). When asked not to simply touch some other toys not taken out from the shelves and not to go upstairs, she did listen to our instruction as well. Also, she did complete much of her meal herself on the dining table – though need many reminders to sit down and finish up (we did ‘threathen’ her with Jumbo the dog, which she is afraid of)

Overall, I think both of them enjoyed themselves with Kiven happily and excitedly taking out most of his toys to show Noelle!

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