Kids being drama is so normal!


Having fun at the paed’ while waiting for Nikki’s turn!

After coming out from the clinic, we waited for few minutes as papa was packing the bag. Noelle went into the play house where two other kids were playing. The younger boy didn’t want Noelle to play (actually I was already telling Noelle we were leaving soon) while the elder girl (the sister) persuaded the brother to ‘share’. Eventually they went out of the play house. Noelle opened the house window and the boy was standing there. Noelle being Noelle; touched the boy and the boy screamed like he was being slapped/ punched. So the attention was all there with papa even asking what happened.

Me: Nothing, just touch only. Let’s go.

And off we went!

Sorry, I won’t make my girl apologise for nothing! 🙄

Anyway, thanks for the drama if not , I won’t be sure how we gonna escape from the clinic if she decides to play on!😅

Note: Important to keep an eye on your kids while they are playing out there even in a safe zone!

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