IT’s going to be two months

Celine Tan's photo.

The second time round – I was wheeled earlier than said (because we didn’t request to follow any feng sui time) into the operating theatre while hubby and Noelle were still eating sushi at Atria (to celebrate Noelle’s third birthday) – so I didn’t get to say the last last goodbye before Nikki’s arrival.

From the room till the procedure, everyone was asking where was my hubby (sounding like I was a single mum 😝) while I kept reminding everyone that I want to fully breastfeed my baby immediately.

I can’t deny that there were moments that I was afraid (but I didn’t cry this round, Noelle’s time I did 😝) – told myself to brave this through and we will welcome baby Nikki (and the nurses were gentle in soothing me down especially when I had backache and needed to sit up).

Worse, the c-sec took longer than usual (2 hours) as there were some complications – make myself thinking ‘am I gonna die?’ Slapped myself mentally and told myself that everything will be ok!

Also sadly, I couldn’t share the joy of receiving Nikki immediately with hubby like we did during Noelle’s time.

After all done and wheeled down, happy to see my hubby and my lesbo. Lesbo was telling me ‘baby is very cute!’ But I was like ‘πŸ˜’where’s Noelle?’ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Noelle was with my mum! 😝

* Anyway, it was my choice to go alone and hubby handles Noelle. I told him not to leave her with anyone and so he respected my decision.😘

Time flies! It’s gonna be two months since we welcome Nikki!

As for Noelle, though at times she does picks on Nikki, I could see much love she has for Nikki – such as looking for her Mei Mei after returning from somewhere !

Our lifestyle has changed – but for the good!

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