Motherhood brings friendships to another level

Motherhood brings friendships to another level

We discuss and exchange views about parenting.

We care about how difficult it is for one another when handling things alone.

We share pride and setbacks about our kids.

We care about each other’s kids.

We plan activities for the kids.

We rant about our life as a mummy and wife.

With Noelle, I got to know a lot of mummies. With Nikki, I got to know greater mummies who will bring me food (as they care that I won’t be able to handle alone), offer to get me grocery items (fearing that I couldn’t get things that I need), checking on me (making sure that I am not depressed or cuckoo of handling two) and the one thing that touches me most – bringing Noelle out for a while so that I could take a break from handling two!

Thank you for all the friendships! You all certainly showed me sisterhood that I need to teach Noelle and Nikki about.

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