Important mission for the weekend completed!

It’s the weekend! Besides meat and vegetables, we have to stock up fruits for our fruit lover! 😝😝😝

We bought watermelon from tesco online. That biji about RM9+ which can last about 2 weeks.

Apples and pears also from tesco online, she eats some and some for boiling soup!

Hubby went to the wet market! Got a bargain for a 2 kg sunmelon. It was RM8, enough for a week. My girl can eat up to 1/6 of the sunmelon per day. Papaya about RM5, last about a week- her daily breakfast either with or without yogurt.

And finally the most bargain buy from Cold Storage, Australian seedless grapes on marked down price- it is very sweet too! This can last 2 days,I think.

* bananas not in the pic! πŸ˜‚

Important mission for the weekend completed! 😝

Celine Tan's photo.

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