‘Sharing’ lesson for this 3 yo


This 3 yo has been increasingly showing her possessiveness trait of late. It is difficult to teach her how to share as we as role model, wanted to share (like food and drink) but she doesn’t allow us to do so, most of the time.

Yesterday we brought her to an indoor playground and we hope the experience that actually taught her a lesson.

There were few baskets where the kids use to collect toy fruits or balls. She took a few of the baskets, leaving none for others. As usual she will run away from the kids to avoid them taking the baskets.😓 but then there was a brave boy who came and took one of the baskets. She then cried and screamed, in which more kids came over to took the other baskets leaving her one. 😂 With frustration, she threw away the only basket and continued crying. At the end, another boy came and took the only basket left for her. She then screamed even louder. Since it was also time for us to get away from the playground, we took her away.

Yes, we just stood there and watch what happened without interfering. We could only asked her to share, which she didn’t and at the end left with none. Hope that gives her a good lesson on what happens if she doesn’t share.

* though it is annoying to handle her current change in behavior and we are at times furious of the dramas that she made us go through almost each time we go out, it actually disheartens me on what’s she really struggling 😞 and not able to express to us. hopefully this is just a short phase that she is experiencing

**when she is showing this trait over and over again, sometimes I do question myself if it was a right decision to homeschool her. But then, after what has happened yesterday, it is more exposure to settings with people that she needs occasionally that is important. Of course, we have to talk and explain to her on what has happened yesterday and why it is better to share.

***while I know that kids do not have to share if they don’t want to especially toys that belong to them, i think it is time for this girl to learn how to share in a setting/ environment when she has no control of , I.e out of home.

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