Being a leech to parents?

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Just saying

Even though my parents always say that I could come back to them if I need anything (which I am very touched with it), I would try my best to settle any issue myself.

Our parents should enjoy their own life and savings; and need not worry for us anymore – as we are already adults who are physically capable.

It would not be only shameful for me but also for my hubby if I run back to home for monetary benefits; what more staying in with my parents after marriage and having kids with the excuse ‘not able to handle alone’ though we have our own home. If using that ‘excuse’, I would rather consider before having kids – it is a shared responsibility with my spouse not my parents. Even if I have to go back and stay with my parents, I would actually ask my hubby allocate some funds to repay my parents (for the stay and food) – and not being a leech.

By relying totally on my parents, I would think my hubby feels ‘useless’.

Though parents have unconditional love for us, we shouldn’t take advantage of them.

*this applies to me. If you think I am talking about you, you could be guilty of some sort (I am not responsible for your feelings)

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