Slow cooked papaya salmon head soup

My lunch: Yee mee in slow cooked papaya salmon head soup topped with meatball, fu chok and sawi

Slow cooked soup overnight:
Salmon head
Raw papaya

I thought the soup will be kinda fishy. It isn’t and taste so sweet!

Not exactly my day this morning. It isn’t dealing with a clingy baby that frustrate me (because a helpless baby needs us anyway) but dealing with the 3 yo. After managed to put the clingy baby to sleep, I was trying my best to get things done. But then, the 3 yo woke the sister up because she took out the bouncer and asked me to keep at its origin place (I ignored her initial request). I put her to corner stand while trying to put the baby to sleep. Thereafter, then is when the meltdown all startedπŸ˜“. Seriously, it was annoying and ignoring wasn’t the ideal solution (a 3 yo with 101 request).

I tried changing topics – what she wants to eat, noodle or rice. Ok, rice! Then she wanted quail eggs but didn’t want me to cook it!πŸ˜’ so, I told her no need to eat quail eggs then and she went 😩. I cooked it anyway. Then I brought her rice with salmon to the dining table; bugging me for her quail eggs which was still on the stove. πŸ˜’ I took out the quail eggs and soak in warm water for her to peel herself. Thereafter things cool down and then the baby woke up again. So, I basically nursed, fed the big and ate at the same time. It doesn’t end there – while chewing food, she coughed and food spit out of her mouth. πŸ˜“πŸ˜ͺ

Her salmon with rice:

Celine Tan's photo.

Anyway, over and now hugging my clingy baby. Hopefully can put her down soon and allow me to wash the dishes.

It supposed to be an easy morning. But it turned out to be NOT.

I hope I ain’t taking out on the 3 yo because I was kind of irritated with CNY plans too. ‘it will pass!’

Celine Tan's photo.

My big girl’s dinner: Fettuccine with virgin coconut oil plus salmon (from slow cooked salmon head papaya soup)

Celine Tan's photo.

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