Running errands on Federal KL holiday!

Dinner tonight:

1. Non spicy, no santan, no yogurt, no milk curry chicken

(I ran out of yogurt, milk and no santan; tried thickening the sauce by putting more potatoes)

2. Stir fry sawi

3. Slow cooker old cucumber and black beans chicken soup

We ran “alot” of errands today as hubby is on KL public holiday while we stay in Selangor!

With a 3 yo and a 1mo, ‘alot’ means running to the bank, having quickie lunch, came home to cook quick dinner within one hour, went to the paed for vaccination, buying oranges for cny, buying gift bags, buying bread + watermelon (and in the massive jam though all is running within the place with stay)!

I am seriously a dead body when I went to bed the past few nights. And when I hear my baby cry, I was wishing that she was just crying in my dreams! tongue emoticon

Celine Tan's photo.
On another note, guess I won’t be updating the blog in the future if there’s no recipe content or nothing special; unless I would love to express what I have been going through.

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