Breastfeeding the second time!


Beginning with a mindset to fully breastfeed our second newborn, we started off with searching for a hospital that supports breastfeeding (right from birth). [Note: Our previous hospital for our first girl did support breastfeeding but only to a limited extent – that our girl was fed formula milk before I returned from operating theatre, for the excuse that the newborn was screaming her lungs out. Fortunately, we could fully breastfeed her after we return home.]

From the time I was admitted to the hospital to the point of delivery, I have been telling the nurses, midwife and even the anaesthetist my intention to fully breastfeed my newborn.

While we could do skin-to-skin right after the c-sec, my newborn was sent to the nursery thereafter. As there was a slight complication during my c-sec, it took almost two hours before I returned from the operating theatre (where usually it takes 1 hour). In nervousness, I did question myself “has my newborn be fed with formula milk?” Fortunately, it DIDN’T happen; witnessed by my hubby, my big girl, my mum and my breastfeeding buddy (who was ready to step in if my nervous hubby and mum decide to give consent on formula feeding like last round). And so, I managed to breastfeed my newborn immediately after returning from the operating theatre. Baby was room in – only returning to the nursery for bath and checks by the paed. The nurses were supportive as well, guiding me, in case I didn’t know how to. I am seriously grateful that the hospital fulfils its mission on encouraging breastfeeding.

We returned home on the third day and went through what mummies usually go through – the frequent feedings, night feedings, engorgement and etc. Empowered by knowledge from previous breastfeeding classes, experience with my big girl and also re-reading some breastfeeding books, I just direct latch the whole time (no mission to stock up the fridge with breastmilk, and also because I am a stay at home mum who will be with my kids 24/7). This time around I am definitely more “stable” and I didn’t have to post any SOS on TBAN or to breastfeeding mummies. Engorgement started on 4th day and milk leaks started therafter. I collected breastmilk in the breast shield (with hardly any hand express and no pumping at all); not for feeding though – but for milk bath. The rest is sweet history!

Today our little baby (who shares the birthdate as her elder sister) turns one month. It also marks our one month of exclusive breastfeeding journey. The second time is definitely easier, plus more confidence in handling breastfeeding moments, be it at home or out of home. And I am not bothered with any naysayers.

I am definitely breastfeeding my second girl for as long as she wants, similar to her sister.

Unfortunately, I could not do tandem nursing anymore as the big girl (3Y1M) who was breastfed for as long as she wanted, actually told me it is “yucky” now (after few days of “fighting” with her sister for nen nen)! What a stark change. But, I have accepted it that she has grown up – and this definitely dispute notions that breastfed and attached kids are sticky. In fact, she has shown growing independence in this one month.

P/S: Our hospital that we went this round is KPJ Damansara Specialist (note to admin: this is not an advertorial. Just that I don’t want members pm me later.)

My pretty babies! 1mo and 3Y1M!

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