Confinement meals 22

My confinement lunch today :

1. Pressure cooker pig’s stomach with peanuts and pepper seeds (freeze) mixed with yesterday’s leftover steamed pork with red dates, dried longan, wolf berries and black fungus – just boiled all together

2. Lettuce with stir fry yam beans with carrot (leftover)

3. Red dates rice

Celine Tan's photo.

My confinement dinner today:

1. Taiwanese three cups chicken (using yellow rice wine and adapted from Rasa Malaysia)

2. Stir fry cauliflower with leek and tomato

3. Slow cooker wai san, apples and carrot chicken soup

Sort of marathon since after lunch. Did activities with the big girl, then refuse to nap. When I manage to persuade her to nap, the little baby woke up for milk. So, the nap was interrupted. Hubby came home for a while and lengthen the interruption.

Finally, when I managed to put her to nap and I was about to sleep, tesco online delivery arrived so much earlier (when appointment made was 8pm). Luckily, the girl didn’t wake up. The driver nearly missed some of my items (fortunately I checked). When the payment was being made, the little baby woke up. I then have to juggle between nursing and storing items. It was also the baby’s fussing hours – so in and out of kitchen. When I stored everything in the fridge, the big girl woke up, cranky. Thankfully I ordered an Emmi strawberry yogurt, which saved me much effort to make her stop her crankiness.

It does not end there as the baby continues to fuss, even after I changed her to pyjamas. Then when I manage to put her down for few minutes where I ran to kitchen to prepare food (fortunately I cooked the three cups chicken earlier in the day; so just need to cook the rice and cauliflower – all ingredients readied), the big girl bugs me for this and that (some i agree and some i don’t) – growing frustration of course, up to my nerves (she can bug me worse than a grumpy old lady!) Even when I was out at the living room comforting the fussy baby, the big girl still bugs me – including wanting to hug her sister.

Finally prepared the dinner. The big girl wants to be fed while the baby wants to be hugged; plus I am hungry. So multi tasked.

And, hooray, finally hubby home after we finished eating (fortunately the big girl was good in the sense that she sat down to play at the dining table while I fed her) and baby was asleep, whereby I just put her down into the cot! He was so ‘lucky’! =.=

I prepared his dinner and do the dishes while he changed the baby’s diaper and showered the big girl.

Finally got my needed shower and now seated but nursing the baby plus entertaining the big girl with her masak-masak!

Celine Tan's photo.

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