Confinement meals 14

My confinement lunch today:

1. Steamed hot the freezed stew pork by my mum
2. Blanched choy sum and fu chok in leftover abc chicken soup
3. Mixed grains rice

Rush die me, rather frustrated baby today as she couldn’t sleep deeply and wanted to nurse more often – interrupted by her jeh jeh’s voice; coupled with the jeh jeh who didn’t want to come out from her milk bath. =.=

Fortunately planned to eat freeze food which I only managed to steam at close to 12pm. Plus I haven’t even put laundry into the washing machine.

Admist of this, I couldn’t ‘scream’. Lol! Maintaining a quiet zone at home – practice patience with my big girl. And my hubby was laughing about this when I told him. Zzzz…

Got to get going… Need to cook dinner before the next wake up time. Bye

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Gave my big girl pasta in leftover stew chicken and pumpkin

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My confinement teatime

Replenishing energy and hunger after war with two fellas, but much better after lunch. Managed to cook, do laundry and re-bath the sweaty big one before nursing the small one to sleep. Then, napped with the big one! Woke up finding the silent home!

Enjoying me time!


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My confinement dinner today:

1. Braised pork in black fungus and pumpkin

2. Stir fry English guord with carrot, tong fun and glass noodles (poured in the remainder of my mum’s stew pork)

3. Leftover ABC soup

4. Brown rice

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One thought on “Confinement meals 14

  1. I like your caption no one should nag you eating fruits n yogurt. I did that all the time. I ate whatever i wanted and whatever made me happy.

    Salute your patience n perseverance in handling 2 at 1 go and all alone. I m 3/4 dead managing a 2yo n 7wo. Hardly have time to cook coz the 7wo always wanted to b carried. If u r my neighbour u could b hearing me yelling at my 2yo for her mischiefs

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